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"I hobbled in after my knee surgery walking a little like the tin man and afraid of bending too much, Karan was so knowledgeable and spent time showing me how to activate the right muscles to support my knee and stop it collapsing on me. In the space of half an hour I went from hobbling to walking almost normally and the exercises I've been given have changed my knee from having collapsed at least 5 times a day to collapsing maybe once if I'm unlucky.

Over the space of 3 days of having these new exercises my knee is so much stronger and I'm feeling much more capable, honestly the best £35 I've ever spent and I would highly recommend Karan." 

"Karan has been excellent treating several problems, including a long suffering problem which other therapists couldn't diagnose. 

Karan also treated my daughter for foot pain and gave the best treatment and advice and thankfully she is now pain free and has passed her Army medical"

"Dealt with brilliantly"
"My 10 yr old daughter had a shoulder injury, she was dealt with brilliantly, by Karan, everything was explained to her & the exercises were easy to follow
Excellent, would definitely recommend"    

"Sorted my knee out with a few sessions - Highly Recommend!" 

"Excellent physio and I would highly recommend Karan"

'Cheryl is an outstanding physiotherapist and a lovely person to have in your home. From her first visit, she treated my husband as a person, not as a patient. She took the time to get to know him, to find out what motivates him and to fully assess his capabilities. Cheryl’s personalised exercise programme and positive ‘can do’ approach has massively accelerated my husband’s recovery and we both look forward to her visits. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'

"Karan offers & provides a fantastic & very professional service. I would recommend her treatment to all those requiring physiotherapy"

"This was the best value £35 I have ever spent"
"I received a phone call from Karan within a few hours of entering my enquiry and we booked an appointment later that week. I had a 45 minute consultation for my hip problem, which Karan diagnosed very quickly. She reassured me that the problem could be resolved by adding some specific stretches into my daily routine and, a few days later, that certainly seems to be working. I can simply say that this was the best value £35 I have ever spent"  

'I would like to express my sincere thanks to Cheryl who really turned around my recovery from several falls and long hospital stays. After her expert help and gentle but firm encouragement at my home I am now considerably more mobile and definitely more optimistic that I will get back to as near as possible 'normal' as I was before my hospital decline. Thank you Cheryl.'


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